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Adventure Excursions

Biking the Bali Outback
Get acquainted with villages and local Balinese people as you cycle through the dense rain forest, groves of bamboo trees, local artistic villages, breathtaking emerald rice terraces, radiant smiles and friendly “hellos” of the Balinese.
 Country: Indonesia
 Type: Adventure
 Duration: 4 days
 From $854.00
 Hotels: Superior  Code: INADV0001

 Country: Vietnam
 Type: Adventure
 Duration: 6 days
 From $1416.00
 Hotels: Standard  Code: VNADV0011
Central Highland Adventure
Discover the rugged beauty of hills and dense jungles of the Central Highlands. This program combines easy trekking, a visit to an orphanage and an elephant ride. Explore the local lifestyles of the Ba-na and Jarai hill tribe people.

Exploring Ba Be Lakes National Park
This trip will take you to the amazingly beautiful Ba Be Lakes National Park. Ba Be is home to the Tay and Dao minorities and source of legend and folklore. Spend a day on the lake and a day hiking throughout this remote area.
 Country: Vietnam
 Type: Adventure
 Duration: 4 days
 From $809.00
 Hotels: Standard  Code: VNADV0009

 Country: Vietnam
 Type: Adventure
 Duration: 4 days
 From $943.00
 Hotels: Standard  Code: VNADV0010
Hiking in Mai Chau
Situated in a magnificent valley 93 miles northwest of Ha Noi, Mai Chau is home to the Thai minority people who live in remarkable homes on stilts. Enjoy a homestay in a Thai village with traditional Thai hospitality and food!

Northern Historical Sites
This soft adventure explores one of northern Viet Nam’s most scenic landscapes with a canoe ride through the rice paddies of Hoa Lu, the former capital of Viet Nam, a hike in Cuc Phuong National Park, and visits the architectural wonder of Phat Diem.
 Country: Vietnam
 Type: Adventure
 Duration: 4 days
 From $898.00
 Hotels: Standard  Code: VNADV0007

 Country: Vietnam
 Type: Adventure
 Duration: 4 days
 From $724.00
 Hotels: Standard  Code: VNADV0013
Phu Quoc Island
Phu Quoc Island is located in the Gulf of Thailand between the coast of Cambodia and southwest of Viet Nam’s southern peninsula. Recommended for the dry season only (from November to April) and to adventurous travelers with minimal luggage.

Phuket & Phang Nga Adventure
A study in natural history can be found in Southern Thailand as we visit less frequented areas in Phuket such as a rain forest reserve, then paddle a canoe around the limestone karts that jut out of the emerald water of Phang Nga Bay.
 Country: Thailand
 Type: Adventure
 Duration: 4 days
 From $855.00
 Hotels: Standard
  Superior Deluxe
 Code: THADV0001

 Country: Vietnam
 Type: Adventure
 Duration: 6 days
 From $1545.00
 Hotels: Superior  Code: VNADV0008
Sa Pa In Style
The northern region near the Chinese border has some of the most stunning landscape with its terraced rice fields draped amongst the backdrop of rolling hills. Visit colorful hill tribes in Sa Pa and Bac Ha while enjoying its breathtaking views.

Thai Elephant Conservation Center
Mahout Home Stay

Help preserve the elephant's role in Thai culture as you learn about elephant behavior and the lives of the mahouts (elephant keepers). Stay in the mahout village and help feed, bathe and train the animals. (See CLASSIC for longer program.)
 Country: Thailand
 Type: Adventure
 Duration: 3 days
 From $475.00
 Hotels: Standard  Code: THADV0002

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