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We sell what we know and we know what we sell.

Since 1992, when Global Spectrum was founded to focus on Viet Nam, this region of the world has experienced profound growth and subsequent change. As I reflect on my own visual journeys through the years, I am struck by the truth of the old saying,

“le plus ca change... le plus c1est la meme chose
(the more things change... the more they stay the same).
Some of these changes (luxury hotels, cell phones, and acceptance of credit cards) greatly benefit the tourism industry and intrepid travelers who visit. At the same time, the essential nature of the region remains the same; overwhelming natural beauty, the enduring culture and traditions, and especially the welcoming smiles and genuine hospitality of the people. These are some of the things that draw me back year after year.

In addition to our trademark Viet Nam programs, we now offer tours to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia. While the countries of Southeast Asia share common bonds of tradition and hospitality, and their histories often overlap, each offers a unique cultural experience.

As we begin a new millennium, my hope is that the programs we offer will entice more travelers to explore this fascinating region, either as a participant on one of our scheduled tours or on a customized tour. My promise to you is that, no matter which itinerary you choose, we at Global Spectrum will work with you to ensure that your investment of time, energy, and money is rewarded with an experience that will, for a short time or for a lifetime, give you the perspectives on the world, its people, and your relation to both.

Please note that while our tours willingly embrace the advances that benefit the industry, we have always remained loyal to our village friends and families, established partners, and humanitarian programs. We do this through our private Match Grant donations and volunteer opportunities through our Global Community Service Projects, the philanthropic arm of Global Spectrum. We are particularly proud that we are able to return to our host countries some of the respect and commitment that they show us.

I invite you to come travel with us on one of our Asian Passages. A journey with Global Spectrum is an opportunity for a life enhancement experience ..... And nobody does it better,.
.....that is my personal guarantee!

Marcia A. Selva, CTC
Founder & Owner, Global Spectrum

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