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Multi Country Itineraries

Ancient Temples & Traditions
Embark on a spiritual journey to three countries. Ancient temples and religious monuments are visited to learn about their history and come to understand the significant role of religion in each culture.
 Country: Multiple
 Type: Leisure
 Duration: 21 days
 From $4420.00
 Hotels: Standard
  Superior Deluxe
 Code: MCLEI0002

 Country: Multiple
 Type: Leisure
 Duration: 19 days
 From $3756.00
 Hotels: Standard
  Superior Deluxe
 Code: MCLEI0001
French Indochine
Explore the French colonial legacy, mystical antiquities, and the ancient traditions of L’Indochine. Our expedition will take us to historic sites in Viet Nam, the golden Buddhist temples in Laos, and Cambodia’s remote “lost city” of Angkor.

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