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Classic Thailand Itineraries

Classic Thailand
This journey was designed to immerse the traveler in the essence of an at once devout Buddhist yet uninhibited country. Begin in Bangkok before heading North for the arts, hilltribe, and elephant encounters. Then head South for total relaxation.
 Country: Thailand
 Type: Leisure
 Duration: 12 days
 From $2524.00
 Hotels: Standard
  Superior Deluxe
 Code: THLEI0001

 Country: Thailand
 Type: Air Inclusive
 Duration: 13 days
 From $
 Hotels:  Code: THSET0001
Classic Thailand
(Air Inclusive)

Experience Bangkok's glittering palaces, temples and fabulous restaurants. Encounter elephants and explore remote villages in the north. Relax on the white sand beaches of the south. Price includes airfare from San Francisco.

Thai Elephant Conservation Center Home Stay
An opportunity for the adventurous traveler to experience working and living with the Thai Elephants and their mahouts. (elephpant keepers). This is a hands-on program where you participate in the daily care and training of the elephants.
 Country: Thailand
 Type: Volunteer
 Duration: 7 days
 From $1560.00
 Hotels: Standard  Code: THVOL0001

 Country: Thailand
 Type: Air Inclusive
 Duration: 10 days
 From $
 Hotels:  Code: THSET0003
Thai Elephant Conservation Center
(Air Inclusive)

This program is an opportunity to participate in efforts to preserve the roles of Thai Elephants and their mahouts. This hands-on 10 day program incorporates the Home Stay Program with the opportunity to participate in TECC research programs.

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