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Veteran tours

Return to areas of former military operations and witness the many changes that have taken place since the end of the Indochina conflict. Stay at one of the modern beach resorts and renew old acquaintances as you swap war stories with your buddies.
 Country: Vietnam
 Type: Veteran
 Duration: 9 days
 From $1925.00
 Hotels: Standard  Code: VNVET0005

 Country: Vietnam
 Type: Veteran
 Duration: 9 days
 From $2234.00
 Hotels: Standard  Code: VNVET0006
II Corps
Explore one of the Corps Tactical Zone, which divided South Viet Nam into the four major regions. The history and unique culture of Viet Nam come alive while retracing the experiences of a quarter century ago.

III Corps
This tour revisits South Viet Nam, featuring traversing the "Iron Triangle" and QL 13 or "Thunder Road." There will be ample opportunity to explore key locations in War Zone D with time for R&R at Vung Tau.
 Country: Vietnam
 Type: Veteran
 Duration: 8 days
 From $1520.00
 Hotels: Standard  Code: VNVET0007

 Country: Vietnam
 Type: Veteran
 Duration: 8 days
 From $1750.00
 Hotels: Standard  Code: VNVET0008
IV Corps
The Mekong Delta is the centerpiece to this "Corps" which also features the mystical Seven Mountains near the Gulf of Thailand, the upper Mekong Delta near the Cambodian border, and the former AO of the Mobile Riverine Force.

Return to Viet Nam
A comprehensive tour that encompasses the major regions and significant sites from the US military experience in the country. This tour is designed to fit the interests of most veterans, regardless of unit or period served.
 Country: Vietnam
 Type: Veteran
 Duration: 10 days
 From $2346.00
 Hotels: Standard  Code: VNVET0001

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